Version 11.8

We’re very pleased to announce the availability of Masterplan version 11.8.

This version contains a lot of features we’ve been working on for some time now, and we’d very much like to hear your feedback on them. As always, if you find Masterplan useful, please donate whatever you can to support development.

Small changes include the addition of monster knowledge checks to the quick-reference list, and the ability to check the difficulty of an encounter against a party of a different size and/or level – people have been asking for something like that for a long time. You can also now export items out of libraries (creatures, traps etc) which will make it easier for you to move content between computers. Trap stat blocks can now show multiple attacks, which is another feature that’s been absent from Masterplan for too long.

The majority of the work for this version, however, has been for the combat manager. Firstly when you begin an encounter you’ll be prompted to say how you want to roll initiative, as before, but this time you’ll also have the option to set unique names for your creatures (in case you need to distinguish between Orc 1 and Orc 2 by describing the minis you’re using, for example), and if you’ve elected to enter initiative scores manually you’ll be prompted to add them before the encounter begins.

Setting display names

During combat, you’ll notice a new tab that’s been added on the left – Encounter Log. This will show you a history of the encounter so far, including damage taken, powers used, and so on. You’ll also see that the range of effects you can add to your combatants has been widened: defence modifiers, damage type modifiers, regeneration and auras can all be added (which allows you to add auras to your PCs for the first time).

Combat effects

You’ll also notice that the Line of Sight tool has been greatly simplified – now when you turn it on, Masterplan will draw lines from the selected map token to the corner closest to the mouse, letting you quickly decide whether that token has line of sight to that square.

Line of Sight

After an encounter you can see a breakdown of its events – the encounter report. This feature is related to the encounter log, in that it takes its raw information from the log, which is then presented to you as a set of charts which you can use to show your players how long they take each round.

Encounter report

Let us know what you think of this update in the comments – we love to hear from you.

17 Responses to “Version 11.8”

  • Snarls-at-Fleas Says:

    Those are great! Thank you very much.
    The only thing I’d change is in the report. It’s better to show Damage Taken instead of Damage to Allies. Which is IMO more interesting.

  • Chronosome Says:

    Very good stuff, thanks!
    (Though I do miss the dialog that allows enemies to roll against multiple targets.)

  • Masterplan Says:

    You can still roll against multiple targets – just click their names in the attack window. Not only will it roll against them but it’ll tell you whether or not you beat their defence, and you can ask Masterplan to deal damage. I’ll see if I can update the post with a screenshot of this.

  • Doug Says:

    Very nice! The Line Of Sight changes are going to make things easier.

    BTW your Version History web page stops at 11.7.

    Any chance of seeing the Encounter Builder’s creature search in the Creatures part of the Libraries? That would be really handy.

  • Masterplan Says:

    You may need to clear your cache.

  • Doug Says:

    Ah yeah + does it. Now I feel like a noob.

    Any chance you’ll think about that filtering? And if I can help at all please do email me.

  • Masterplan Says:

    Yes we’re looking into that.

  • David Says:

    Wow! Amazing- It just gets better & better. Thank you so much for your brilliance.
    I couldnt imagine running 4e without MP.
    Questions for you
    1. Is it possible to combine ongoing damage & a standard effect into a single effect (e.g Ongoing 5 poison & dazed save ends)
    2. The new attack/damage tab only applies the monsters damage to the pc on the top left main list after its turn is over,but it affects the Pc’s health bar immediately on closing the Tab.
    Am I missing something?
    I love the new version, again thank you
    Cheers David

  • Vince Says:

    I love Masterplan! It really changed and improved my DMing. Please keep up the good work!

    The only thing I really miss are some small but useful features for building dungeons with tiles, like limiting how often you can place tiles from one particular set or two-sided tiles (if i used side A, I cannot use side B too). I like to pre-build my dungeons on computer and rebuild them later with real tiles and it’s really hard to keep track of used tiles without help software-wise. Are there any plans to improve on that?

    But again, your tool is amazing as it is, I’m looking forward to many many versions, thank you so much!

  • Doug Says:

    >> Yes we’re looking into that.

    Oh yay! Thank you… As always, thank you.

    Masterplan utterly revolutionised all my DM work when I first found it back in… Oh v9.1 I think. Back then I thought it couldn’t possibly be improved on. Yet every version you improve it! Sometimes quite substantially!

  • Elish Says:

    It’s possible to modify default DC dificulty for skill challenge?

    Why the default DC are not updated?

  • Masterplan Says:

    Of course – use the DC modifier box when you’re adding a skill.

  • Elish Says:

    Is not possible to modify the default data with the library or config file?

  • Edgar Says:

    Is there any place where i can download projects made through masterplan? You should create a section at your site to make user created projects, or even sample projects, avaliable for download. At least you could add links to other users projects.

  • Masterplan Says:

    We’ve just uploaded a new version to the website which should fix all the issues relating to resistances and vulnerabilities – let us know if there’s anything we’ve missed!

  • Anon Says:

    Hey, great new features. But why did you remove the commands where you could move the powers up and down on the list on monster stats? Maybe it was just a mistake, hope that feature returns though.

  • Masterplan Says:

    No, it’s no longer required – powers are sorted automatically now.

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