Version 11.7

We’ve now released version 11.7 for you to download.

New feaures in this update include a (slightly) redesigned encounter builder, the ability to create random monsters (just a bit of fun, that one, really) and the ability to see a breakdown of creature abilities (by keyword, effect, and damage).

20 Responses to “Version 11.7”

  • Mark Woodman Says:

    Sweet. I’m running my campaign tonight, so I’ll jump right in and use 11.7.

  • Robert Says:

    Hey, great product! But for some reason I can’t get the encounter builder to open up? Plot point and Skill challenge both work, but I can’t figure it out, it give me an error message talking about invalidargument? It would be great if you could show me where I could download a earlier version where this works, and as soon as I can make my first full adventure, I will most defiantly donate to this great software :)

  • Masterplan Says:

    Send us your project file and we’ll sort this out.

  • Robert Says:

    If you could please email me with the address you would like me to send it to, that would be great. Thanks!

  • JPeoplz Says:

    Im having the same issue with the encounter builder. Can you help me out too..?

  • JPeoplz Says:

    hey robert i think i figured it out. You have to have at least one creature in your library to even launch the encounter builder bro.

  • Masterplan Says:

    Robert: it’s on the website, and in the Help menu in Masterplan:

    The bug has been fixed for the next update – to avoid it, just add a library.

  • Rick Keen Says:

    Good thing you were able to fix the encounter builder issue. I thought I was the only one having problems with it.

  • Richard Says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a feature in the Masterplan mapper similar to Pymapper that allows you to designate tiles as 2 sided and how many sets you own. This would be useful for those like me that like to use software to plan the map out but still use physical dungeon tiles at the table without resorting to two different software packages. Also any support for the new random treasure tables in Essentials Rules Compendium would be great. This package continues to get better and better and makes my job lots easier.

  • 7thCross Says:

    I was wondering if there is a way to print out encounter sheets that I have planned. So far I have only been able to print out the plot flowchart. I don’t have a laptop, so I would have better use if I could print out the information for my game sessions. Thanks!

  • Barry Says:

    I’m trying out the Encounter deck builder. I was hoping to have a list of monsters, for random encounters and encounters I would like to tweak. So far I have learned to go into the encounter builder and use the Deck as the source, but it is quite random. Is there a way I could just pluck my Beholder card out of the deck and put it in the encounter? So far I can only find the random way to add creatures to the encounter.

    Excellent program! Best I’ve seen anywhere!

  • Masterplan Says:

    7th Cross: Yes, you can export your plot point to HTML, and then print from there.

  • Masterplan Says:

    Barry: Encounter decks could well see that kind of update soon.

  • Barry Says:

    For Calendars, campaign year, could you make it go into negative numbers? For example the Eberron calendar, 40 years before the creation of Galifar, the date would be -40

  • Masterplan Says:

    Yes we’ll sort that out.

  • Barry Says:

    Heh heh. Me again. For the player view, when there is no picture it is just a black screen that says masterplan on it. My group asked if I can customize that to show any picture I want, like a screen saver. That would be neat. :)

  • Barry Says:

    Just an issue with the Encounter Decks. If I have three Drowned One Cards (X3 Drowned Ones), and I use my encounter deck to automatically build an encounter, should it only be able to populate a maximum of 3 Drowned One’s until the deck is refilled?

    I tried this and the encounter was actually filled with 6 Drowned Ones. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

  • Doug Says:

    Awesome work, as usual. I really like the recently added option on encounter builder filtering (level, source).

    I like it so much I keep wishing that filtering was available in the library 😀 Any chance of seeing that in a future version?

  • markeades Says:

    Hate to say this but I add 3 monsters to my library and I’m still getting the error message for encounter builder

  • Masterplan Says:

    I suspect you added custom creatures to your project, rather than creating a library. Regardless, you should upgrade to the new version, and let us know if you still have that issue.

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