Version 11.1

Just a quick post to tell you all that Masterplan version 11.1 can now be downloaded from the website. We’ve improved the creature builder and trap builder, and added the ability to track creature altitude during combat.

In unrelated news, after less than a week, Version 11 has seen more downloads than any previous release of Masterplan. We’re very proud.

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  • hamletsandwich Says:

    The new version is AWESOME. Thank you so very much!

  • Myke Says:

    Tracking creature altitude. that’s nice :)

  • Sepret Says:

    Your work is fantastic, but I have one complaint. Whenever my computer format, or use another machine, or simply buy a new one, I have trouble running the masterplan. He just did not want to open the library files changed for me, telling security reasons. Talking to other users figured out how to get around, but would not be possible in próssimas updates disable this function? Almost my entire library has been translated into Portuguese and redo the whole sorry service each time I update my equipment.

  • Masterplan Says:

    As you’re no doubt aware, this limitation was imposed by WotC. Feel free to speak to them if you would like this restriction to be lifted.

  • Erik Says:

    I love Masterplan, its awesome.

    I have noticed you occasionally ask for feedback, just hoping this is the right forum to do this:

    1. When you are making a combat encounter and you are picking monsters from your libraries, can you make each folder collapse-able (sp?). Basically I have 3 lists/categories of monsters and it would be nice to close them down when I know I want a monster from a specific list.

    2. Could you make some kind of funtion that after you develop a combat encounter (and even when a combat encounter has started), where you can edit the name of each individual monster.

    Basically when playing combat with minis I will have 2 goblins for example, one mini will be painted with brown skin and the other one with green skin. Instead of trying to remember which one is ‘goblin 1’ and ‘goblin 2’ on the combat list (eg. when a PC hits the green goblin for 10hp, I then have to remember if the green goblin was #1 or #2), can we quickly edit their name (or click on an option that might list a bunch of different colours, and then their name would be ‘goblin 1 – green’

    I know I can edit a monster once put in a combat encounter but wont all the goblins names be changed? And if they didnt all change, then the problem would be that a ‘new’ goblin will be created in my miscellaneous/custom monster list, and then this list will end up being clogged up with unneccesary monsters like brown goblin, green goblin, purple snake, black snake, etc (when all those monsters are the same stablock)

    Hope that made sense…

  • Masterplan Says:

    You can edit creature names in combat; right-click and select Details.

  • gfzgfx Says:

    Hi. I was wondering if there is a way to import large numbers of monsters from the XML, like in the old version, instead of having to do them one at a time.

  • Kane Says:

    Question, anyway to make a good Fog of war overlay? I have tried making a black overlay jpeg in and then using it as a token overlay in my encounters. But when I move a token in the encounter, my overlay becomes transparent for a few sec and shows my map. I am sure its something simple that I am missing, any ideas? BTW, long time weekly user of this great program!

  • Kane Says:

    NM, I think I figured out a working solution to my FOW issue.

  • Alex Karaczun Says:

    A couple of suggestions for the next update.

    1). Please allow import of multiple elements into libraries.

    2). The player facing initiative screen needs a lot of work. Try looking at Dungeon Master’s Battle Screen (you have to get access to the latests beta) for this feature done right.

  • Masterplan Says:

    I would say that they should look at Masterplan to see the feature done correctly. Do you have specific suggestions?

  • Pointy Stick Says:

    Absolutely WRAPPED with the new Creature Builder!

    Thank you so much!

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