Version 8.8

Version 8.8 is the final version of Masterplan for the time being.

(Edit: After a brief hiatus, new versions of Masterplan are being released as normal)

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  • Vincent Noiseux Says:

    Why the last one? Hope you didn’t get a Cease and Desist letter from WOTC! I love their products, but if they can’t provide the game table as promised, they at least should let someone else implement it!

    Great job on Masterplan, I hope it’s only a question of time and that you’ll you go back to it!

  • DJ Says:

    I’m sorry to hear that you are done with this project. God bless you for all the work you put into this.

  • Euan Holton Says:

    Sorry to hear this – unless you’ve got something else planned?

  • Kassoon Says:

    Are you going to opensource the project now that you’re done with it?

  • Sam greenberg Says:

    Sorry you’re done; we really enjoyed the app while it lasted.

    I’d like to echo therequest to open-source the code. With changing combat blocks soon, the project will quickly lose functionality. It’d be really nice if a little community support could make sure all the work you put into this isn’t wasted.

    Thanks again for a great run.

  • David Says:

    I’m sorry to hear that. Thank you for all the work you’ve done. It’s an incredible resource and tool for my campaigns. not just for running them but for writing adventures and stories. The effort has been greatly appreciated.

  • Kyle Says:

    You have rocked mightily, bro. I don’t know why this is the final release, but take heart in the fact that this is a quality product! I hope you (or someone else) is able to continue it someday. This program would be a great legacy to the D&D community.

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  • Fred Says:

    Incredible peice added to my dm toolshed, too bad its over i just found masterplan a week ago. If WoTc was behind the stop, i hope they are at least hiring you so their tools will rock like masterplan

  • TreacleMiner Says:

    Excellent work. I can only hope that this is because WotC has bought your code to implement in their own tools 😉

  • Silverman Says:

    Sorry to hear this is the last version. What should we do if we have questions regarding the app as it currently stands? I’m interested in looking into writing add-ins for Masterplan, but the Developer documentation chm files aren’t working for me. I open them, they show the index/contents of what the file should contain descriptions for, but there are no descriptions. :(

    Has anyone written any add-ins for Masterplan? Are there examples I can reference?

  • Trojan Says:

    I can’t believe Masterplan is done! This is seriously one of the best tools out there. It has helped me become a better DM and a better player for that matter. I have a great respect for the creator(s) and wish that something could be done to continue the project. Let it be known, with MP as an example, that even the best things in life can always be improved upon.

  • Drakkanius Says:

    Noooooooo ….
    *sob* Also, I too echo the open-source request of Masterplan for the benefit of the entire D&D community. Wizard’s tools are at best shabby and unreliable and NOT what I have had expected from a great company like theirs.
    Thus, Masterplan, a great initiative driven by a one-man army, has given me and many more users, a versatile and functional tool with which one may implement D&D sessions including over the net.
    Hope that WotC didn’t shut you down like they did many wonderful projects ( one of them being the Necromancer class, written by a guy I unfortunately don’t remember ) and I hope at one point in time, you will either be able to continue to work on your masterpiece or help those who have taken your work, to achieve new levels of quality.

    Keep the flag on the ground!

  • Olodrin Says:

    Hey all, just looking for a place to DL the latest (and apparently last) version. It seems to be no longer available here.

  • Collin Lademann Says:

    Thank you for the wonderful program. I hope WOTC will jump on board with this project and hire this team to work on the tabletop that I’ve been waiting for years to be released and with masterplan I can play DnD without my tile collection which means less setup time and less downtime. Thank you again. God bless.

  • wshoffner Says:

    I’m glad this was worked out amicably and you’re able to continue supporting this amazing program!

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